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Lots and lots of them.

What you will need:
  • A jar
  • Dirt
  • Water (preferably dirty water)
Put the dirt into the jar. Add water. Stir it. Then place it somewhere warm.
Now wait.

You might remember this from biology-classes. Whatever is in the dirt will, since the circumstances for most unicellular / microscopic lifeforms are better with more water, grow in numbers. After some time you will see various life forms through the microscope.

Top left: a rotifer

Lots of ciliates, "lady slippers", I believe.

A water bear

In the middle: again the water bear. Thereunder is an egg-like ball, some rotifers kept  carrying them around.



It's just a piece of stone, you know.

So, here I am, 3:30 am, and like any normal people, I'm making photos of the moon.
Wait, normal people sleep, eh? Ah, I knew I've forgotten something. Anyway, while I was looking around in my room, I saw my old photo-bag laying around, more or less dusted. I decided to make a photo which I was always thinking about, since my father gave me my fish-eye, which is a extreme "wide angle" (is that correct?), so you have a large area which will be banned to your film. At the edges it is a bit blurred (example: http://www.bigfoto.com/themes/nature/sky/fischauge-hz7.jpg <- not that much, but most likely). So I got to our attic, opened a roof-window, took a ladder and hung myself out of the window, making photos of the already passed twilight.

After I jogged a round (believe me, 2 am is the perfect time), I thought about making a photo of the moon. Every time I see such a picture, I think I could / should make one too. So I took my camera, searched (hopefully not too noisy) for a tripod, equipped myself with my MP3-player and my large headphones and went outside. I first thought about getting on our garage-roof, but sadly the moon was from that point of view behind our house. So I went to the street and finally found a good location. Only problem: the tripod I found was about 50cm high, and I had no intention to crawl in the dust. So I took the refuse bin and placed my tripod onto the top. Must have looked really creepy, me, listening to Equilibrium/The Poodles, standing in front of a refuse bin with my camera on the top of it, waiting for the faint click-sound of the camera.

Edit says:
Since I'm extremely old-school, I have to wait until the photos are developed - my camera makes photos, not data-junk! ...but I'm going to order a Data-CD too -.-


Post, the I.

much funktions and no idea how to use them.

Anyway, the Eier are on theyr way to world-domination!

Or something like this.



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